September 8, 2018
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

The screening last night (9/7/2018) was a success! We deliberately chose a smaller venue (seating ~ 75) so that we’d fill the room (which we did) and folks would better bond with the kindred spirits gathered there. Several local political candidates who support Medicare-for-All were there, as were physicians and nurses, and Healthcare for All Pennsylvania’s communications / research director who expertly handled the financing queries during a Q & A at the conclusion of the film. 

As the final notes & lyrics of the “Now’s The Time” anthem were heard, Dr. Ajay Marwaha took to the microphone asking, “So, what did you think of the film?” He was greeted with sustained applause… then lots of good questions.

Several people told me of the lump in their throat and tears on their cheek as they heard the strong collective heartbeats at the end. Others praised the young Baltimore community organizer for his insights. After all, our audience was mostly older activist white folks.

As we wrapped up for the night we talked of doing another screening in the future at one of several local college campuses here in Lancaster County. We’ve got to get more involved in youthful efforts already underway here to effect needed changes to healthcare, and a host of other concerns.

We are so grateful for all you’ve done.

~ Don Gallagher (and the Lancaster Dems Healthcare Rapid Response Team)

(Thank you Don for your support and kind words.
TS and LS)